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About the study

This One-Name Study came into being during 1984 as a result of a brick wall, I had been researching my family tree since 1972 when my mothers aunt suggested a tenuous link to General Sir Ralph Abercromby the british commander at the Battle of the Nile in 1801, sadly in that battle he was mortally wounded, he was buried in the St Elmo Fort in Sliema Malta.
My father knew our family line back to his great grandfather, and was able to prove  that back to 1800 in three easy steps but there I came up against a brick wall. All my attempts to climb over, dig under it, or circumvent the wall by going round it failed.

I built up a considerable amount of correspondendence and in 1984 started to get requests from Australian researchers to join my family history society, hence the LAWS FAMILY REGISTER was born.

30 years of research has not as yet, made any substantial breach, but has extended my knowledge of this family and its variants world-wide.

Today an online database can be accessed by members by annnual subscription.

To date we have collected 43,386 people, holding the surname LAWES or LAWS or related to it,  as part of 13,456 families having had102,168 events, in 16,157 places, over a 400 year time-span, across the english speaking world, and in a few cases well beyond.


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Variant names

This study is primarily LAWS, with LAWES, LAWSE as variants. We keeo a seperate database for 25,000 LAW

If you would like to give the LAW a home, please contact the registrar.

Name origin

These names are mostly to be found in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, USA, Canada, and India, but instances have been found in most european countries but with a greater emphasis on Scandinavia.

Historical occurrences of the name

We have had on average 20-30 subscribers each year.

Distribution of the name

All across Western Europe, Australisia, the Pacific Islands and North America.


As yet no personal DNA project has been undertaken, though The Clan Maclaren Society of North America has intiated a project, they include LAW & LAWS as septs of the Clan.