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About the study

The Lashbrook One-Name Study came about as a result of researching my own family history which I had started in 2006.

When consulting with family members a letter came to light that had dormant for 13 years! It was from the late George Lashbrook who was seeking information for his one-name study that had begun just 4 years previously. So I guess without the unintentional intervention of George this study might not have materialised, so I would like to acknowledge this here.

In 2009 I decided to register the name. This was to coincide with the commemorations surrounding the D-Day landings in which my late father took part, under the command of the actor David Niven.

I would like to dedicate my study to my father Stanley 'Jack' Lashbrook.

Variant names

Lashbrooke, and Lashbroke.