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About the study

The Langhelt name study was started due to a mysterious link in my own family tree ancestry. I believe that my supposed 3rd great grandfather was something of a philanderer and seems to have had two legitimate wives, with a mistress inbetween. A daughter produced from a liaison with this mistress, turned out to be my 2nd great grandmother. Having spent nearly 10 years trying to unravel this family mystery, I had to investigate the Langhelt name in some depth. It was then that I discovered that this surname has been little researched and embarked on a crusade to identify all the Langhelts in the UK and created a website to document as much of this as possible of the family history. It is a work in progress and the fruits of my labours can be found at the external link shown below. The Langhelt, whose amorous adventures led to this research, was Charles Robert Langhelt, born 1810 in Merrow, Surrey. He also (apparantly) used the name Laing, but this surname does not form any part of a variant research as it only appears as part of a subterfuge in his lifestyle.

Variant names

In my research into the Langhelt name I have come across three variants to date. They are Langhell, Langhett and Langhilt and occur very infrequently. They are probably due to transcription errors or mis-heard names at registration. It is conceivable that there will be more, possibly overseas, and these I will identify and add as and where required as this project develops.

Name origin

As far as I can tell, all the Langhelts in the UK are descended from Gottfrey Langhelt, born circa 1720. Early research suggests that perhaps the family originally came from Markershausen in Germany, but this is to be examined further.

Historical occurrences of the name

I have not found any noteworthy Langhelts to date, except for Sidney John Langhelt (b.1883) who died in WW1 on 26 Sep 1915 - in Flanders. His rank is given as L/Sergeant and was with the 'Buffs' (East Kent Regiment - 8th Battalion). Also there is another who died in WW1 and his name is Charles William Langhelt (b.1894) who died at sea on 28th December 1917. He is listed as a Gunner. I believe that anyone who died in active service in either of the World Wars deserves a mention.


I have compiled all my data so far, from the IGI Family Search website, FreeBMD and the Findmypast websites. I have made some contact with other Langhelt family members through the Genesreunited website, who have been able to add some names and dates. I still have a few 'unattached' names that need assigning to their correct family groups. My findings have been published on