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About the study

My study is of my maiden name LANDYMORE and variant spellings in the UK, Canada, France, USA, New Zealand and Australia.

Almost all are recorded in linked-up family tree groups with further information about the majority of the individuals, even if not attached to the 'main' tree.

I am pleased to share and/or exchange information with those who have an interest in finding out more about their Landymore ancestors.

Variant names

LANDYMORE, Landamore, Landemore, Landermore, Landimore

Also variants such as: Landimar, Landimer, Landimor, Landimour, Lendemore, Landamar, Landamer, Landomer, Landemar, Landemare, Landemer, Landymer, Landemeer, Landmore, Landymore-Lim, Lanamar,
Andymer, 'S'endymore etc.

Name origin

The name derives from the Old English word for boundary 'langemaere'.

Historical occurrences of the name

The earliest evidence that I have discovered of the name in England is in 1221. In France I have found evidence of one family group from circa 1620.

In the 15th -16th centuries there is evidence of churchwardens in Essex and of a marriage into the Cornwallis family. From the 16th - 19th centuries the name is associated with land owners, potters, brickmakers and cordwainers.

Name frequency

The frequency of LANDYMORE in Census records rises from 16 in 1851 to 86 in 1891. LANDAMORE during the same period rose from 10 to 62. Today the largest concentration of LANDYMOREs is in Greater London & Yorkshire. The late 19th & early 20th century saw the main emigration of 3 LANDYMORE family groups to the USA, Canada and New Zealand and one French group to the USA.

Distribution of the name

Early [1400 -1500] places associated with the name are Devon, Essex, Kent, Suffolk and Yorkshire. By the 17th century the name is almost exclusively found in East Anglia. In the mid 19th century the name spread to Yorkshire, Lancashire and Greater London as well as to Canada, New Zealand & USA.

The French branch is said to have originated in Normandy [from England or Wales] during the 100 Years' War.


Information includes births &/or baptisms from 1561, marriages from 1552 and deaths/burials from 1596. From c1400 I have transcriptions of wills, inventories, correspondence & local records, probate records, military records [including photographs of all WWI CWGC memorials in France and Belgium], photographs of churches & some tombstones associated with families with this name and many other census and local records.

Note: For photographs, please contact me direct. They are not on this website.