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About the study

Welcome to Kirwood Genealogy, a one-name study focused on the surname Kirwood and some of its variants: Kerwood and Kyrwood.

This study is dedicated to locating and recording the genealogies of all those bearing the Kirwood surname and its variants world-wide. This extends from the earliest 16th century records in England to the latest births and marriages around the world.

The Kirwood Genealogy study is very much a 'work in progress' and data has been collected over a period of more than 30 years by myself during the research of my mother's family. Whilst the original data pertained to one specific London based branch of the Kirwood family dating from the mid-18th century, I have also collected many references to other Kirwood family branches dating as far back as 1523 in Rolvenden, Kent. It is my intention to extend the database as part of the one-name study to include these and other branches of Kirwood families.

Variant names

The registered variants for the Kirwood One-Name Study are: KERWOOD and KYRWOOD

During researching the surname KIRWOOD I have come across numerous deviants including: KYRWOODE, KEEREWOOD, KARWOOD, KIRWOD, KIRWOODD and many more.

The surname CURWOOD and it's variants CORWOOD, CIRWOOD whilst often recorded as a deviant of the surname KIRWOOD, these have not been included in this study at this time. This is mainly due to the fact that to date I have been unable to establish any link between the names and it would appear that they may have originated from different locations: KIRWOOD from Herefordshire/Wales and CURWOOD from Devonshire/Somersetshire.

Name origin

The Name Origin Research - Surname Database, gives the following explanation for the origin of this uncommon surname:

'This is an English surname, although one which is probably associated, at least in meaning, with the Scottish surname Kirkwood. Recorded in many spellings including Corwood, Curwood, Kerwood, Keerewood, Kirwood, and probably others, it is apparently locational, and like the Scottish surname describes a church in a wood. This is from the pre 7th century Olde English 'kyrche-wudu'. However there are too many spellings in the diocese of Greater London in the 17th century for the surname to be from the Lanarkshire village of Kirkwood, suggesting that in England the surname is a 'lost' village name .......... '

Historical occurrences of the name

Some people of note bearing the Kirwood name or it's variants:

  • Anthony (Tony) D. KIRWOOD (1946- ) - Comedy writer, actor, humourist, erstwhile standup comic. 
    Acting parts include 'Death Eater' Harry Potter & Deathly Hallows 1 & 11, 'Finkelgruber' Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Brittas Empire, Lock Stock & Smoking Barrels, Murder Most Horrid.
  • Charlotte W. KERWOOD (1986- ) - Champion Women's Trap Shooter, Great Britain Olympic and Commonwealth Games Teams.
    A European junior champion in 2002, Charlotte Kerwood has won three Commonwealth Games gold medals -€“ the first coming in Manchester when she was just 15. Charlotte also won the Women'€™s trap gold at the Abu Dhabi Shotgun World Cup final in 2013.
  • Brenda Buglione-Kirwood - US Pro Ski-racer.
     Brenda Buglione-Kirwood, is a five year veteran of the U.S. Ski Team, four time NCAA All American from the University of Colorado and a seasoned veteran of the World Cup Circuit.
  • Terry Kyrwood - Australian Sailing Team, 1983 World 505 Skiff Champion.


Data currently recorded includes:

UK Census, BD&M & Probate records.

Australian BD&M & Victorian Probate records.

New Zealand BD&M records. US Census records.

Some re-constructed Family Trees covering UK, United States, Australia and New Zealand.


The Kirwood One-Name Study does not have a DNA project at this time. However I would be keen to receive contact from any Kirwood that would be interested in participating in a DNA project.