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The Kingswell Surname


About the study

Hello - we are Mo and Dick Kingswell and this is our family tree based on the surname Kingswell.  

As a member of the Royal Engineers, Dick specialised in map production. Commissioned in 1980, he became a Quartermaster and finally retired as a Senior Instructor in Lithography at the School of Military Survey.  An avid offshore yachtsman he took part in many 'ocean' races, including several Fastnet Races and was awarded his Corps Colours, Army Colours and Joint Service Colours for his services to offshore sailing.  He was a member of the Committee of the Royal Engineers Yacht Club, one of the oldest and most prestigious Service Yacht Clubs in the UK.

Mo served an apprenticeship in dressmaking and spent many years in costume design for amateur dramatics.  After her marriage to Dick, Mo was employed by the Army, both in the UK and Germany. Mo was also a keen offshore sailor who crewed with Dick in races both in the UK and Europe, as well as racing with an all-female crew in the UK.

Together they managed a caravan site for several years before they became custodians of a large Stately home in the Midlands from where they retired to a life as 'silver' motorhomers based in Cornwall in the UK.

Variant names

Our Kingswell study will include anybody born with the surname of Kingswell, or anybody who married a Kingswell - and that will include variations such as Kingswell, Kingwall, Kingsell, or any other variation on the name provided that we can 'prove' the name is based on the Kingswell Family Tree.

Name origin

According to some sources the name Kingswell first appeared in manuscripts in the 12 Century and began to more commonly appear in the middle of the 16 Century when they appeared as a notable English family in the County of Hampshire, where they held a family seat at Shadden.  We now have records of Kingswell's who moved to Canada, the USA, Australia and to mainland Europe. 

Historical occurrences of the name

According to 'The House of Names', early settlers included Edward Kingswell, who arrived in Virginia in 1633, - Anthony Kingswell, who arrived in Virginia in 1648 - Peter Kingswell, who arrived in Novia Scotia in 1749 - and Harriett Kingswell, who arrived in Holdfast Bay, Australia in 1838 amongst many others.  

We have not yet researched these people - but rest assured that we will and sooner or later they will appear in this study.


Our major 'working' database is attached to the genealogy program and comes under the name of 'The Kingswell Tree' but you will require an invitation from us to study that tree.

Our one-name study comes under the GOONS website and is open to all to research and comment on.  If you disagree with any of our findings, or you can add further data to our study, we would love to hear from you - please, please please contact us and help us in our research.