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About the study

In common with the compliers of many other one name studies, this study is a development of enquiries into my ancestors. I originally engaged a researcher, about 10 years ago, and from this I started my own web searches. Whilst making these enquiries and compiling my family tree (at present back to c1776) I found many individuals, not my ancestors, with the Keene surname and at the time discarded the information obtained. As the compiler of the one name study I’ll retain all the information I research and which I anticipate will be of benefit to other's with the surname Keene. Any enquiries made of me will be added to the study.

Variant names

The are no variants of the name Keene in this study.

Name origin

Keene: from kene (ME), shortened form of either cen(e); wise, brave, proud (OE) or cyne; royal, from cyning, chieftain, king, derived from cyn(n) tribe, race or people (OE).

Historical occurrences of the name

Keene is a Sept of Clan Gunn.

Name frequency

Frequency in the year 1881 was 1762 and in the year 1998 - 1686. Occurrences per million names in 1881 were 65 and in 1998 were 45, down 20. Rank order in 1881 -€“ 2475, in 1998 -€“ 3340, down 865. (Data as detailed on the National Trust Names website which presents the findings of a project based at ©University College London (UCL) into investigating the distribution of surnames in Great Britain).

©ONS 2002 number/ranking 2317/3234

Distribution of the name

Distribution in 1998 - most Twickenham, Kingston on Thames, Swindon, Gloucester, Oxford and Coventry. Distribution in 1881 -€“ most Twickenham, Kingston on Thames. (Surname distribution at Royal Mail Postal Area level. The Postcode Address File is © Royal Mail).


I have had my own DNA recorded on a 10 point analysis. A 37 point analysis is being undertaken.