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About the study

Welcome to the Karčić / Carcich / Karcich One Name Study. We are here to provide assistance to those with Karcich connections or interests worldwide.

Variant names

Variants of the Karcich surname include Karčić, Carcich.

Name origin

The Karcich / Carcich / Karčić has its origins in the geographical area of the former-Yugoslavia. Descendants with this surname in Europe occur throughout the former-Yugoslavia, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom. Overseas the surname is found in Australia, Canada, and the United States of America.

History of the name

An early record exists for the surname in Vrbnik, on the island of Krk dating 1498. Genealogical records from the late eighteenth century for this surname and extensive family trees for six branches of this surname exist for the communities of Mali Lošinj, Unje, and Cunski. Other communities within the former-Yugoslavia have not been studied and need attention. A source book on the Karcich families from Unije and Cunski is available, called The History and Families of Unije.


An initial set of DNA results for the Karcich surname are available below:

Karcich Y Chromosome DNA data can be found at Karcich Y Chromosome DNA

Karcich Mitochondrial DNA data can be found at Karcich Mitochondrial DNA