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About the study

I am just beginning the IGOE One Name Study.   The ancestors I am familiar with began their US lives in Goodhue County, Minnesota after immigrating from Ireland.  My initial focus will be a general search for distribution data about the name in the US and in Ireland and the UK. 


Variant names

I'm going to limit my first searches to IGOE and IGO, and then take on the variants of JAGO, and JAGOE, which may or may not be related.  From some initial research it appears that IGOE/IGO families are mainly from mid and western Ireland and are Roman Catholic.  The JAGO/JAGOE families seem to center around Cork and more southern Ireland and Cornwall in England, and are Protestant.  This will need further consideration.  

Right now I am focusing on the IGOE families found in the 1901 and 1911 Irish census and putting family groups into Legacy.  This task is taking longer than expected (no surprise to anyone who has been working on a one name study I'm sure).  I want to add the birth, marriage, and death records available in Ireland after which I'll try to make some decisions about the IGOE surname.  I'll try to incorporate any Griffith's Valuation information if I can track any families back that far.

Then I'll tackle the IGO families in Ireland.  But...I have run across at least 62 other variants or deviants such as EAGO, EIGO, IAGO, etc. so it appears that I'll be sorting through these sometime in the future.

I'd love to hear from anyone about the names I'm studying.

Name origin

I have discovered various suggested origins for Igoe - Irish, Welsh, Spanish, French - so I'll be sorting that out as well.  Many relate to the name James in various forms (mostly JAGO and JAGOE).  I did run across a mention of a location in Ireland (Yagoestown, near Naas in County Kildare) that I'll be researching as well.  Another interesting geographic find was Igoe's Narrows in Pennsylvania, USA in the late 1700's.  A trip to Pennsylvania is probably in order.

Historical occurrences of the name

I'll be adding interesting items here as I run across them.  

I began this study after I became interested in my husband's Aunt Helen who owned an exclusive women's clothing store in Seattle, Washington.

I've now run across a Eugene Igoe who figured in the tumultuous days in Ireland in the 1920s - more about him as I discover it.


Name frequency

Watch this space for more information soon.

Distribution of the name

Watch this space for more information soon.


Watch this space for more information soon.


Watch this space for more information soon.


Watch this space for more information soon.