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About the study

I have been doing the Huntingford One Name Study for about 40 years. The name is relatively rare with only about 240 people with the name in the 1881 census. I have collected a lot of data on Huntingfords all over the world and at all time periods and am happy to share it with others and answer any queries, if I can.

Variant names

Huntingford, Huntingforde, Huntinford, Huntynford, Hutynford, Hantingford, Hentingford, Huntenaford, Hunteneford, Huntingefed, Huntingforth, Huntingfeud etc

Name origin

The name Huntingford is locative and seems to be associated with the Royal Hunting Forests. There are only two villages now: one in Gloucestershire and one in Wiltshire. More ancient ones like the one at Cerne Abbas, have disappeared. Presumably the King and his hunting party used the ford to get to the forest. The ford at Huntingford, Wilts, is still visible and still used for heavy farm machinery.

Historical occurrences of the name

The earliest reference is to a William de Huntingforde of Eye, in Suffolk in 1166 in The Red Book of the Exchequer. In 1205 Harding de Hunteneford, his daughter Mathilda and wife Dyonisia of Wilton, Wiltshire appear in the Charter Rolls. In 1346 Elianora de Huntingford left money to purchase a book .(Vatican Library).

George Isaac Huntingford 1755-1832 was Bishop of Hereford and Gloucester.

GWB Huntingford 1901-1978 wrote many learned books about Ethiopia.

Professor Peter Huntingford 1929-2000 was a well known Gynaecologist.

Name frequency

In the 1841 census there were 92 Huntingfords.

In the 1851 census there were 133.

In the 1861 census there were 165.

In the 1871 census there were 152.

In the 1881 census there were 244.

In the 1891 census there were 215.

In the 1901 census there were 298.

In the 1911 census there were 340.

(All approximate and for England only.)

Distribution of the name

Most of the 1881 Huntingfords lived in the southern counties of Surrey, Hampshire,Sussex and Kent.

My own branch established itself in Fleetwood, Lancs in the 1890s. Today, in 2010 we have branches in Australia, Canada, South Africa, Spain, Denmark, Malta and the USA.


I have all the available GRO indexes. Many pre 1600 references.

Probate Index references : 1858 to 1940.Photographs of places connected with the family.

Many old wills, which I have transcribed.All the census information.

Many copies of certificates.40 years of correspondence with Huntingfords all over the world.

Copies of my annual newsletter : Tally Ho. No 19 will be out soon.