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About the study

My name is Brian Horridge and I first started researching my family history about 25 years ago knowing little other than my parents and grandparents were from the East End of London. My first steps were to work through the heavy GRO Birth index books at St Catherine's House recording every Horridge entry up to 1901. I very soon realised that there were very few in the London area and after then restricted my Horridge research to London and Essex.
When I reached the proverbial "€œbrick wall"€ with my London Horridge ancestry I started researching my other ancestral lines but have now got stuck with some of these. Having become more experienced along the way, I'€™ve now decided to undertake a full One Name Study in the hope that I may be able to knock a hole in the wall (if not demolish it completely).
A lot of my London Horridges were Lightermen in the various London docks and on the Thames in general. Their apprenticeship records have helped greatly in getting exact dates etc.

Variant names

At the moment, the only registered variant is Hawridge (one of the possible origins of the surname). Despite the East End habit of of dropping their '€œaitches'€, I have not included the surname Orridge as this was being studied by another Guild member.  However, I have found some families (in Nottinghamshire) where the surnames Horridge and Orridge switch at different generations.

Name origin

There are a few possible origins of the surname Horridge (according to various research guides) none of which I'€™ve been able to verify at this time.

Historical occurrences of the name


Name frequency


Distribution of the name

From my 1837-1901 GRO births indexing, I found that only 27 out of the 1,373 (only 2% !!) entries were in the London area and most of these are connected to me. The majority of the others were in Lancashire and the North West of England.


I have collected all the UK Census and GRO Birth, Marriage and Death Index entries as well as a lot of Parish Records. Although primarily UK-based, I have a database of almost 10,000 individuals grouped into about 2,000 separate family trees. I suspect that a lot of these are connected (probably in the 1700s) but have not yet found the key pieces of information to make these connections.