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About the study

THIS WEB PAGE IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION, but do read it as it will be changing daily for the next few weeks.

I am trying to collect as much information as possible about the Homersham name. My interest was started as my husband's grandmother was a Homersham, and his second cousin and first cousin once removed started talking about the family.

If you have any information, however small, about a Homersham, and would be prepared to share it, please contact me; I may be able to put you in touch with another member of your twiglet.

Variant names

The main variants that I have found are


However, due to misinterpretation of writing and also the sound of the name, I have discovered HOMERSHAM's under the following names in the census information:

HOMERSHAM, Allen, Flomenham, Hamerscham, Hamersham, Hamershira, Hammersham, Hammerstrom, Handshaw, Harneasham, Heamanersham, Hemersham, Henry, Homasham, Homeisham, Homeraham, Homercham, Homerham, Homersha, Homershamn, Homershan, Homershane, Homershaw, Homershead, Homersthan, Homertham, Homerthaw, Homesham, Homisshaw, Hommel, Hommersh, Hommersham, Homusham, Honersham, Hornenshan, Hornersham, Hornershan, Hornesham, Hourersham, Howersham, Howershaw, Kennington, Kernersham, Lamersham, Motershad, Nomersham, Nomesham, Omersham, Thomersham.

I have also been told of Humersham, Hamershame, Hummersome, Humersome, Homerson and Homarshon varients. All varients can be spelt with a single or double 'm'.

Misinterpretation and mishearing of the name have led to births being registered as HOMERSHALL, HOMERSHAN, HOMMERSHAM and HOMERSHAW.

Name origin

It is possible that the family acquired the name from Homersham or Hummersham Farm near Swift's Green on the River Sherway in Kent.

From my investigations so far, and that of other seekers, the Homersham name seems to have come from Kent. It seems from the list of towns and villages that they are both Men of Kent (born East of the Medway river) and Kentish Men (born West of the Medway). However looking on GENUKI, Homersham is shown as a derivation of Amersham, in Buckinghamshire, which leaves it wide open yet again.

The photo that is on this page (or will be hopefully once I have it scanned) is of Homersham Farmhouse built circa 1885 at Swift's Green, near Headcorn, Kent. I have not checked that it is still standing, as the photo was taken in August 1989

Historical occurrences of the name

Early Kentish Homesham's include Thomas and John at Headcorn in 1450, and Homershams remained Men of Kent up to present day. William Homersham (1777-1837), who married Rebecca Collett of Dover, became Mayor of Canterbury in 1821 and 1827; his brother James (1780-1854), who married Mary Illey, was an Alderman of Canterbury; both lived in St. Peter's Street and James has a large tomb outside the church in Holy Cross, Canterbury. Their great-grandfather, John Homersham of Harbledown (1667-1738), was a Freeman of Canterbury. Edmund Homersham (1772-1837) moved to London, becoming Head Cashier at the Bank of England with his signature on their five pound note. Cricket in the village of Sturry included Henry Homersham, whose son's Arthur Henry and William Edward joined him into the club, and Homershams still were members into the 1970's.

Name frequency

Kentish villages that have connections to Homersham's include Headcorn, Pluckley, Maidstone, Staplehurst, Lynsted, Chilham, Ospringe, Harbledown, Sturry, Chartham, Fordwich, Gravesend, Herne & Herne Bay, Westgate, Minster, Northbourne, Nonington, Great Mongeham, Broad Oak, Margate, Chalton, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Lewisham. As well as this, many of the parishes of Canterbury were home to Homershams.

Distribution of the name

In the 1861 census, of the 135 entries found so far, 88 were in Kent, 11 in Middlesex & London, 21 in Surrey, 6 in Lancashire and the rest in Cheshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire, Norfolk and at sea.

In the 1871 census, of the 142 entries found so far, 80 were in Kent, 37 in Middlesex & London, 13 in Surrey, 4 in Essex and the rest in Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Lancashire and Norfolk.

In the 1881 census, of the 135 entries found so far, 65 were in Kent, 43 in Middlesex & London, 11 in Surrey, 7 in Essex, 4 in Hampshire and the rest in Hertfordshire, Lancashire and Sussex.

In the 1891 census, of the 143 entries found so far, 57 were in Kent, 55 in Middlesex & London, 10 in Surrey, 9 in Essex, 4 in Sussex and the rest in Durham, Hampshire and Yorkshire.

I am working on 1901 at present.

The 'missing' list for 1861 stands at 57, 1871 stands at 59, 1881 stands at 66 and 1891 stands at 97.


At present I am building two spreadsheets.

Firstly one detailing the Homersham's found in the 1841 - 1901 census information that is available. I have collected this information from several sources, including my own CD's of the 1881 census and 1851 census, for the 1861-1901 census, PRO for the 1901 census, and transcription by several Homersham contacts. I have created 'families' where possible, numbering them from 1 to 50.

The second spreadsheet is of Births, Marriages and Deaths. Again the internet has been a prime source, but I am checking against the St. Catherine's registers held at Myddleton Street as and when I have the time to do so

Both of these are on-going projects.