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The Hollow


About the study

The aim of the study is to collect references to the name Hollow and variants of it worldwide. I propose to use the data I collect to build up family trees and to link them together as much as possible. I also want to collect the family history of the different groups of Hollow. In developing the Hollow One Name Study I intend to:
  •  Keep a central record of Hollow data
  • Provide support for Hollow researchers by, providing information from the database and putting people in touch with others who are researching the same line
  • Publish the Hollow database on the internet (The material on the internet will not contain information about people who are living or who were born after 1920).
  • Analyse the information from different sources to make links between families.
  • Let people know where the sources of data are.
  • Circulate a newsletter amongst Hollow researchers or other interested people.
  • Develop a directory of Hollow researchers.
  • Study the worldwide distribution of Hollow.
  • Research the origin of the Hollow name.
  • Collect photographs, especially digital, of Hollows, their relatives and places linked to the Hollow name.

Variant names

Holla, Hollah, Hallo, Hallow.

Name origin

The name 'Hollow' appears in very few references. Reany (see below) links Hollow and Hollows but in the Cornish references Hollow without the 's' seems to be used almost exclusively.


A Dictionary of English Surnames, P.H. Reany and R.M. Wilson, OUP 3rd Edn. 1996 Hollow, Hollows; Peter in le Holwe 1279 Rotuli Hundredorum, 2 vpls 1812-18 Cambridgeshire; Thomas de Hollowe 1327 Subsidy rolls Worcs. Worcs. Hist. Soc. 4 vols 1893-1902, dweller in the hollow Old English, holh

A Handbook of Cornish Surnames, G. Pawley White , Pawley White , 1972 Hollow: from Hallow: moors, place name, many Penhallows found in West Cornwall, from penhallow: end of moors or downs.

The Guiness Book of Names, Leslie Dunkling, Guiness Publishing Ltd. 5th Edn. 1991.

In 1890 Henry Brougham Guppy published his 'Homes of Family Names in Great Britain',(Harrison 1890). Guppy made a particular study of the names of farmers, whom he described as 'the most stay-at-home class of the country'. and he discovered that in each county their surnames fell into groups:

  • General - names found all over the country.
  • Common - names found in 20-29 counties
  • Regional - names found in 10-19 counties
  • District - names found in 4-9 counties
  • County - names found in 2-3 counties
  • Peculiar - names found mainly in one county only.

The surname Hollow appears in the 'peculiar' to one county list for Cornwall.

The origin of the name Hollow has been discussed further lately in The Hollow Study's newsletter "The Hollow Log."  and The Guild's own "Journal Of One Name Studies". The origin may not be as the learned authors of surname books suggest. Look in Hollow Logs 45 and 46 or in JOONS Vol. 12 Issue 3.


The Hollow One Name Study contains a database of some 12,000 individuals who are HOLLOWs or who are linked to HOLLOWs. There are also articles and information on the Hollow surname, Hollow migration and Hollow researchers. A newsletter for Hollow researchers, The Hollow Log, is produced twice yearly and is available to read or download via the website. The Hollow Log, No. 52 will be released in June. All back issues are available on the website.


A Hollow DNA project is now running and incorporates the names Hollow, Hallo, Hallow, Holla and Hollah. The DNA project has been registered with Family Tree DNA and currently there are thirteen participants (January 2018). Twelve test results are available and a report on the results can be seen at the link given below. The Hollow DNA Project Results More information on the Hollow DNA project can found at the link below or you can contact me directly at my address at the bottom of this page.
The Hollow DNA Project has its own website. Click here