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About the study

Starting in the late 1990's, as a result of becoming interested following a relatives foray into researching her family history, I actively started collecting information about 2005.

Initial information was compiled for my own direct family but I was aware of other researchers with links to the Hindry line and following their research was able to widen my own information considerably.

Special recognition to the 'Smith of Blickling' family tree is given as this is where my wider research started and to Fleur who made contact upon my registration to the Norfolk FHS and who has shared her research into her branch of the family although to date, despite a reasonable suggestion, we have not been able to prove the link.

It was not until 2010 that I realised that the information I had, although becoming extensive, was not properly recorded and I have been revisiting the information compiled and ensuring recording was improved. I am undertaking a comprehensive review of all the information to date which I hope to have completed by the end of 2013.

Research to date tracks the name back to the Norfolk area and following registration with the Norfolk Family History Society further information has been compiled from their on-line records and a visit to their extensive library.

I would consider the information from England to be fairly comprehensive but Scotland and Ireland are poorly represented. In all cases, however, I have little information covering living members and this is an area for further work.

With respect to worldwide occurrences there are some, particularly those of passenger lists and Census records, which have been compiled but are in no way complete but will aid worldwide research in the future.

Having compiled a list of transcriptions I need to work further to create sub-branches ready to amalgamate once links have been established and proven.

I would welcome contact from any Hindry with a view to exploring potential links and sharing research. I am also willing to search through my records should information on a Hindry be needed although not saying that I would have already obtained the relevant facts.

Details of all 'Hindry's' are recorded but in order to ensure that I am not overwhelmed with information I only complete records of the male lines and cease recording on the female line(s) when/if a marriage takes place with the date of marriage and spouse name being noted. If a date of death is encountered then this would be recorded as well but details of children, spouse parents, or siblings are not followed up at this stage.

UPDATE: August 2013 Following the review of my information I have decided to include information on the 'Hendry' surname due to frequent 'mis-transcription' of Hindry. My initial work will be using Parish Transcripts from Norfolk as this seems to be where the research on my own tree has led me.

FreeReg returns in excess of 3000 Birth, Marriage, & Death events which need to be collated, along with additional Census returns, and this is just for Norfolk!

Widening the information on Hendry will initially look at Parish Records from other counties but it is unlikely that this activity will be started in 2013.

After the addition of available Parish Record information the scope will be widened, hopefully beginning in 2014.

It is not intended that I will register the Hendry surname but I am willing to accept queries with the understanding that the information may be limited, or not available.

PLEASE NOTE: I spend time out of the country, primarily during the winter, so contact needs to be via email as I would not pickup post whilst out of the country.

Variant names

Along the way, so far, I have encountered the following numerous what I consider mis-spellings and transcription errors rather than variants:

Hindrey, Hindery, Hindri, Hindre, Hindrie, Hindree

In addition the Hindry name is often confused with HENDRY (Hendery, etc.)

Name origin

I do not know the origin of the name but believe it to originate in Norfolk. It is also worthy of note that there is a village called Hindringham which may, or may not, have relevance although there are events recorded dating back to 1737 (courtesy of the parish church).

I am hopeful that a more experienced researcher may be able to advise further......

Distribution of the name

The earliest records for my branch originate from Norfolk, and there are occurences still in this county today.

Quoting from my own branch of the Hindry tree, commencing in 1728 in Norfolk, it was not untill the late 1800's that records show movement out of the county and these were primaily as a result of marriages into Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Wiltshire. Further movement to London and the southern counties followed.

In 1937 one member migrated to Florida via Quebec where my American research begins.

I have also recorded other 'Hindry' events in America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.


I have transcribed all the information I have found into an Excel spreadsheet which contains over 5,500 records and includes records believed to be for Hindry but also include those recorded under Hindrey, Hendry etc. which cannot be validated until viewing the original documents.

There is also a certain level of duplication as information has been recorded from different sources but may be for the same event.

I maintain a spreadsheet with a diagramatic layout of my own branch and have a copy of the tree compiled by Fleur with the possible link to our trees which requires further work and validation.

I also have numerous paper records covering my own branch and also computer files of some records from which I have extracted information and which are primarily original documents rather than transcriptions.

I also have certificates for a number of the events within my own branch but would appreciate copies of any others should they be made available.

Recent contact with other 'Hindry's' has enabled the compilation of additional Trees covering other branches and on which research will continue.