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About the study

I've been interested in the Hickmore surname since the early 1960s when my late mother gave me her grandfather's family bible. She began researching our Hickmore ancestors as the result of an interest kindled by a letter that she received in April 1971 from a well-known probate beneficiary tracing company. From the early 1980s onward, following her inability (due to Alzheimer's Disease) to continue with her investigations, it fell to me to carry on the research. This I did in collaboration with the late Mr. George E. D. Hickmore, as a result of which a considerable amount of data was soon amassed. The data formed the basis for a One-Name Study which was registered with the Guild in 1992.

Variant names

The surname Hickmore appears to have remarkably few variants, the only one of any great significance being Hickmer. Despite claims to the contrary, no evidence has so far been found to support the theory that the more common surname of Hickmott is a variant.

Historical occurrences of the name

Few of the Hickmores have reached the attention of their fellow men. One exception is Mr. Lionel F. Hickmore (1895-1952) who was prominent in public life in Canada and had a street in Montreal named after him.

Name frequency

Throughout history the total number of living people bearing the Hickmore surname seems never to have risen above 400. At the time of the last world-wide survey, which was carried out in late 1999, only 268 were found.

Distribution of the name

Although the surname Hickmore is firmly rooted in the South of England, a very small number can also be found in the Antipodes, Europe, North America and South Africa.


Much of the data gathered for the One-Name Study is now available on-line in the Hickmore Archive, which can be found at


A Hickmore DNA project was started in June 2009. Please contact Roy Rayment if you would like to find out more about it.