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About the study

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Variant names

Henstridge, Henstredge, Hinstridge, Hemstridge, Hemestretch, Hemstritch

Name origin

The surname would appear to originate from the village of Henstridge,Somerset. Even today, There is a high concentration of the name in Wiltshire/Hampshire - not far from Henstridge The name translates literally as the ridge where horses were kept, from the olde English pre 7th century word 'hyryyg', a ridge, and the later Anglo-Saxon word 'hengest', meaning a horse. The actual meaning though, is open to different interpretations. As 'Hengest or Hengist' were popular early personal names, this may give an alternative meaning of a village owned by a man called Hengest. In early history after the end of the Roman Occupation of England in 412 a.d., Hengist and his brother Horsa were reputed to be the leaders of the first Anglo-Saxon invaders in the year 488,. However this invasion was in Kent, a long way from Somerset. [from]

Name frequency

There are 270 instances of Henstridge and 13 indivduals with the surname Henstredge recorded in the ONS database in England and Wales, 2002.

Distribution of the name

Henstridge surname is found around the village of Henstridge even today and also distributed, sparsely around England and Scotland. Several emigrants have founded dynasties in Canada, USA and Australia


A DNA project has been initiated at to try and understand the relationships/origins of the 11 existing pedigrees.