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About the study


I have been researching my family tree since 2015 and over the last few months I started to develop an interest in my maternal grandfather's Heal ancestors . There's he is, my granddad, Sidney Hamilton, holding a baby me looking proud as punch in 1972. A lovely, quiet, unassuming chap, granddad sadly died in 1987 but he was borne from an interesting family and researching his family has certainly drawn my interest in the Heal ancestors. His dad was known as Fred Hamilton from his late teens but prior to this he was Ernal Carpenter Heal (1882-1959). 

When studying his paternal line, I reached a 'brick wall', getting as far as my 3rd great grandfather, William Heal born in Bradninch, Devon (1817) and then not much further back. AS a consequence, I consulted the Guild of One-Name Studies as they had been helpful previously when I had reached a brick wall with my Dunbavand ancestors. I was surprised when I didn't not see Heal registered. I stamped my feet a bit, gave a sigh thinking I would never get anywhere, before gathering the toys I had thrown out of my pram and thinking 'Hang on a minute, why don't I do something here? Why don't I start a one name study?'. 

So here I am....

There isn't much to see here yet but hopefully there will as my research grows. I have just started to get things together for you. The study isn't just just about 'my' Heal family, although that is what has motivated me.  I will be exploring the Heal surname, its' variants and its' distribution across the globe. It's a work in progress so stick with me and check in now and then to see what/if I have added to the site. I also hope there are folks like me interested in the Heal name, or maybe you are a Heal that can help add to the study along the way or maybe I can help you. Who knows, get in touch if so, I don't bite.  


Variant names

Heals, Hele, Heale, Heales