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About the study

My one name study started when I was tracing my own family line. HAWLEY is my maiden name and I can trace my line back to the 1500s in the small village of Bolsterstone NW of Sheffield. I have been collecting all references to the HAWLEY name since the mid 1990s.

Variant names

My registered surname is HAWLEY with the variant HAULEY. In practice it can be found as HAWLY, HAWLYE, HALLY, HALLEY, HOLEY and HOLY amongst others.

Name origin

HAWLEY is a location-type surname and as such there may be several locations that gave rise to the name. There are currently two HAWLEY place names in England, one in Kent and one in Hampshire. Others - like HAULEY juxta SHEFFIELD - may have given rise to the surname and then disappeared as place names. I can find no evidence of a HAWLEY arriving with William the Conqueror though some websites still suggest this.


I have extracted all the BMD records from 1837 to 2005. I have indexes of all the currently available UK census records. I am slowly reconstructing family trees from these and other data sources. I have some records from Australia, Canada and the USA but not yet comprehensive. I welcome all contributions and enquiries.