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About the study

I began researching the HAVILAND family in the early 1980s and have collected a large amount of information about people with this surname. This includes many American Havilands, and those in Canada, South Africa, Australia and India as well as the original family in Guernsey and England.

Variant names

This study includes several variants of HAVILAND including (DE) HAVILLAND, HAVELLAND, HEAVILAND, HAVELAND, AVILAND and many strange spellings such as HAIRLAND, HARILAND and EVERLAND.

Name origin

Most Havilands in the UK are descended from the Guernsey De Havilland family via ancestors in Poole, Dorset, Somerset, and Gloucestershire. A major branch of this family was established in New York state by the early 18th century. In addition, in the US there are many Havilands who are of Irish origin and probably descend from HAVLIN families who appear to be completely separate. There are also Haviland and Have(r)lands who are descended from Scandinavian families who emigrated to the US.

Historical occurrences of the name

Thomas DE HAVILLAND - one of the Guernsey men who was rewarded by the Crown for their support at the Seige of Mont Orgueil, Jersey in 1467

John HAVILAND - rector of Winstone in Gloucestershire from 1573. He was the founder of a major branch of the family, and his descendants lived in and around Winstone until at least the mid nineteenth century

John HAVILAND - died 1638, member of the Stationers' Company of London and one of the major printers in London in the immediate pre-Civil War decades

Matthew HAVILAND - died 1620, an important merchant in Bristol who was mayor of the city and was the ancestor of the Somerset branch of the family