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About the study

The Havenhand One-Name study began in 1881, when I was told that they had the money and that we were probably related. I collected the census entries (manually at that time) and parish register entries, but didn't find the money. From the data I have constructed three separate, but probably connected, family trees plus a few scattered individuals.

The name was registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies in 2006.

Variant names

The registered variants are Avanhand, Avenhand, Evanhand, Evenhand.
I have also found Havenhand given as Heavenhand, Havenhead, Havnand, Havenand or even Weavenhand (1881 census index).

Name origin

The origin of this name is not clear. They all seem to be descended from a Thomas, who had 2 children, baptised in 1659 and 1660 in Beighton (formerly Derbyshire, now South Yorkshire). We do not know where he came from, but similar surnames are Avenant in Worcestershire and there is a place - Avenham - near Preston, Lancashire.

Historical occurrences of the name

There are no historically famous Havenhands, but there are some interesting characters. One man moved to Australia about 1879 - 1882 leaving behind his wife and 3 children. He married again in 1882 and had 2 more children. His deserted wife had another child in 1883.

Name frequency

From the index of the 1881 census produced by the Church of Latter Day Saints, there were 190 Havenhands, 4 Havenhead, 4 Heavenhand and 5 Weavenhand in that census.

According to an ONS database there are some 467 Havenhands as of September 2002, which ranks it as joint 11976th.

Distribution of the name

The majority of Havenhands have remained within the North Derbyshire/South Yorkshire area, but several moved to Lancashire, London and Australia.

In the 1881 census, there were 129 in Derbyshire, 68 in the West Riding of Yorkshire, 2 in Lancashire and 4 in London.


All of the Havenhand entries from the General Register Offices for England & Wales (1837 - 1933) and Scotland (two found) have been recorded, so far. The Australian ones are being collected.

Wills since 1858 in England and Wales are being collected.

All census entries have been found, except for the Australian entries.

All entries in the IGI and transcribed by others have been checked.