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About the study

My study began in 1963 to prove positive my father's lineage to the Earl of Huntingdon in order to use part of the crest on his memorial, that satisfied, the aim now is to bring together all family branches split apart by religious wars, civil wars, inheritance disputes and emigration and to clarify the many erroneous family trees appearing on various sites by helping to establish fact . The earliest Hastings in England is said to be Robert de Eu, Port Reeve of Hastings, who had married the aunt of William de Falaise or Conqueror, Beatrice, sister of Arlette Fulbert, but the de Eu family can trace its ancestry to Rollo 1st Duke of Normandy and beyond. At its zenith, the family held land in 22 counties and were known by many different titles..

Variant names

de Hastyngges, Hasten

Name origin

It is thought that the name derived from Hasten, a viking, who marauded around the coasts of England in 892 and fought with Alfred the Great. It is possible that some of his followers settled at Hastings,Sussex and the name was a corruption of Hasten Ingges (Hasten's people). Robert de Eu was also known as Robert de Hastings and was given the rape or living of Hastings which remained in the Hastings family until the town became a borough. Hastings is also a location name adopted by people living within the area when surnames became necessary post 1066.

Historical occurrences of the name

Sir Richard was Master of the Templars.Used by Henry 11 as a diplomat in negotiating marriage contracts with the King of France. William Lord Hastings,soldier,diplomat,Chancellor of the Exchequer executed by cousin Richard of Gloucester. Edward Hastings Lord Loughborough Master of the Horse for Mary Tudor, Henry 3rd Earl Privy Councillor to Queen Elizabeth 1st. Warren Hastings Governor of India.. William Hastings injured survivor of Trafalgar turned pirate. Sir Charles Hastings, Founder of the British Medical Association.