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About the study

My family, from my father back, all came from the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne area of Northumberland. In the course of my research I have gathered considerable information on Harle families and individual Harle BMDs. The purpose of my study is to record my data in an accessible format for the use of other genealogists.

Variant names

The only variant that I presently have data on is Harl.

Name origin

There are several theories on the origin of the name Harle. The English name appears most concentrated in the counties of Durham and Northumberland. There are three villages a short distance North West of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne: West Harle, Kirkharle and Little (East) Harle. Early landowners in this area were known by their forename followed by de Herle, meaning from Herle which evolved into the surname Harle. Harle is also a name found in continental Europe; notably in France, Germany and Sweden.

Historical occurrences of the name

Early references to to the name Harle can be found in the 'History of Northumberland' by John Hodson. 1240 - Little Harle Tower - 'This mansion in the capitol seat of the manor of Little Harle, otherwise called East Harle, which in 1240, was beholden of the baron of Prudhoe by Hugh de Herle.' 1284 - 'Sir William de Herle, knt., was one of the great lights and worthies of Northd.' He or his son Wm. was made 'LORD CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS' in 1317.

Distribution of the name

Early records show that the name Harle was most prevalent in Northumberland and Durham although it could be found in other parts of England, In 1881 Durham had the greatest number per population, then Northumberland and the Dartford area of London. In 1998 Durham still lead the distribution in England but the name was far more scattered. World wide France has the most with 23.87 FPM, followed by United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland, New-Zealand, Germany, Canada, United States, Slovenia and Germany. (Public


Most of my data is in my Genealogy program and on hand written charts. This information I have started entering into Custodian3 and will be entering data linked to families, then data from early church records, followed by registered BMD information starting with British data. Anyone wishing to have their family information added to this data base is most welcome. Please contact me. If you are willing to do research in a particular area your input will be appreciated.


A dna project has been set up with Harle as a deviant under the name Hurl. If you wish to be part of that study which is under familytreedna please apply to be included using the following url >  If you email me with your intention I can look forward to seeing your results and welcome to our study


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