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About the study

Many visitors to this site will recognise the photograph at the top of this page. Mary Hanbidge MA, scholar, and for many years Head Teacher of a London school, completed 'The Memories of William Hanbidge(with Appendices and Chronicles of his Family)' in 1939. Copies were distributed to members of the family all over the world and placed in major libraries. It was dedicated to her father, William. On the opening page she wrote 'To my parents I owe everything.' On the last page she wrote 'Greetings to my kinsfolk. Some I know; none are strangers.'

The book has kept the family together, but it is a thread that is stretched very far in this, the twenty-first, century. New generations may not have seen the book, though many that I have contacted through the internet and by other means know that there is a book....

Variant names

Families with names such as 'Hambridge' and 'Hanbridge' do not seem to be related to the Hanbidge family, though there may be some early connection with 'Hambidge'. Although Hanbidges are used to such misspellings of their name in everyday life, the correct spelling seems to have survived, at least since the 17th century.

Name origin

Hanbidges originated in the Cotswolds. The name may well have been 'Ham by Edge'. In the 17th century one of the last surviving English Hanbidges (John) left for Ireland and settled there, in County Wicklow. In the following years, some returned to England, others went further afield.

Historical occurrences of the name


Name frequency

Hanbidge is an unusual name. By far, most are found in Eire.

Distribution of the name

Some Hanbidges left Ireland for England, Scotland, Canada, the US and New Zealand. Today,they can also be found in South Africa, Australia and no doubt other parts of the world also.


The Hanbidge book was deposited in major libraries of the world, and family members in Ireland, England, Canada and New Zealand have copies. The chapters about William Hanbidge (1813 - 1909) have been recently reprinted with some commentary and published by University College Dublin Press under the title 'Memories of West Wicklow 1813 - 1939'. Photocopied versions of the original can be bought on the internet from companies that publish geneaological documents in this way. More recently a book about the Hanbidges in Ireland has been privately published. I, and a cousin in Canada, try to make and maintain links with Hanbidges world-wide today.