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About the study

The study into the name HALL is rapidly developing in this relatively new age of communication. It commenced slowly several decades ago when many parish records were still held in locked chests inside churches and the 1871 census for England had not long become available for public viewing.

The task to cover the name HALL worldwide is daunting. Most of the genealogical material collected so far relates to England, centred in Northumberland and Durham and extends into the borders with Scotland. From this region, HALL families have migrated all around the world and in this sence the study is already worldwide.

It is hoped that many other enthusiasts will enjoy helping with this project by sharing information on their HALL families.

Variant names

There is much debate as to which names are variants to HALL. For example HARLE might be a variant name and for which there is a separetly registered one name study. Others such HALE, HAUL, HULL might simply be deviant spellings of HALL. Because of this and due to the size of the project HALL alone, no variant names have been registered at this stage.

Name origin

To be added - suggestions are welcome.

Historical occurrences of the name

Famous names to be added.

Name frequency


Distribution of the name



Ongoing collection of church records, census data, probates, civil registration records etc and many HALL pedigrees.


There is a HALL dna project at Familytreedna ( which interested Halls are encouraged to join.

There is also a specific HALL dna web site being developed, with its own forum.