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About the study

The Hagg*r One Name Study started in late 2003. The study is led by Guild Member Peter Hagger a descendent of Edward Hagger born Therfield, Hertfordshire about 1763. The picture above is Therfield Parish Church. The study was started as a result of the work done by another descendent of Edward – Martin Hagger. Martin's research into his Hagger family can be viewed as Martin has also led the research into Therfield and its people, this can viewed at

Variant names

Hagger, Haggar, Hagar and Hager are the registered variations of the study.

Name origin

There is no verified information on the origins of the Hagger name. However, Peter believes the most likely explanation is that the name is derived from Hacker, which was old German for woodcutter. An article on possible origins appear at

Name frequency

The earliest Hagger we have found recorded is the birth of William Hagger recorded in the IGI by a church member in Yorkshire in about 1538. The first entry in the IGI taken from a Parish Register is Thomas Haggers baptism in 1541 at Reed, Hertfordshire, very close to Therfiled.

The Hagger name appears 916 time in the 1881 census with Haggar appearing 451 times. Between 1837 and 1983 4548 Hagger and 1794 Haggar births were registered. It should be noted that Hagger and Haggar are completely interchangeable with the same person being shown as both in different records.

Distribution of the name

Hagger and Haggar have similar distribution patterns. At the time of the 1881 census the main settlements of Hagg*r's were in Middlesex(76 ar and 206 er), Essex (74 ar and 140 er) and Hertfordshire (64 ar and 119 er).

There were just 83 Hagar mainly in the West Riding of Yorkshire (28) with 15 in Kent. There were 95 Hager and these were mainly in Surrey (27).

Looking back to 1841 and considering all variants there were 250 in Hertfordshire with 173 in Essex, 149 in Suffolk, 131 in Middlesex and 104 in Cambridgeshire with a total count of 923.


The latest details of available data can be found on our web site - A summary of data held is follows:
GRO Index Births: 1837 to 2006 8547 entries
GRO Index Marriages: 1837 to 2005 6155 entries
GRO Index Deaths: 1837 to 2006 5636 entries
National Burial Index: 1790 entries
VRI Baptisms 639 entries
VRI Marriages 274 entries
Census entries 1841 to 1911 11,613 entries (this is not complete)
1939 Register 1889 entries
Parish registers 4377 entries

At February 2018 we had virtually 51,565 records in our master database with a considerable amount of data captured but not yet cleansed and entered. We have over 200 family trees either constructed or partly constructed, a number of them have know interconnections.  We only have limited data for non UK records entered into our database but we are gradually adding to this.

Please contact Peter Hagger who will be pleased to assist with look ups in the database.


A DNA project commenced in September 2006, please contact Peter Hagger for details or see our one name study web site below. 18 people have been tested with 13 apparently related, although in some cases this cannot be proved with documentary evidence.