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About the study

The general gathering of information on the name Gush commenced more than fifteen years ago with detailed listings of births, marriages, deaths probates etc being completed more recently. The study was registered in January 2004.

Variant names

The pronunciation of this name usually appears to rhyme with 'rush' though those in our branch of the family insist on a pronunciation to rhyme with 'ruche'. At present the only variant listed is Gushe which occasionally appears in parish registers of the 16c and 17c.

Name origin

Possible areas of origin, as yet unproven, range from North Holland to Austria though the earliest example of the name traced to date is contained in a lease from a John Gush of Bristol dated 1422 held at the Bristol Record Office.

Historical occurrences of the name

An interesting holder of the name is the Victorian portrait painter William Gush (1813-1888) whose painting of his brother, Frederick Aaron Gush (1817-1857), is featured above. The research of his life and works is proving to be a fascinating sideline.

Name frequency

With less than 300 entries in the 1881 census I believe the name fits into the 'scarce category'.

Distribution of the name

At the beginning of the 17c a branch of the family settled in south east Devon and at the time of the 1881 census the greatest concentration of the name was in South Devon spreading through Somerset and Dorset up to Bristol and into South Wales. Instances of the name are found in all of the counties along the south coast of England and in London, with a scattering in Yorkshire and central Scotland. It appears holders of the Gush name were also great travellers as the name has been found in Australia, Canada, America, Germany and South Africa to name but a few instances.


All entries for births, marriages, deaths and probates have been collected and the marriages are held in the Guild Archive. Numerous searches have been carried out at the National Archive with many more in progress, which makes this an ongoing and absorbing project.