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Name origin

The earliest recorded Gunnee occurence that I have traced is William Gunnee. He and his wife Hahnah had three children born in Cottingham between 1780 and 1784, and subsequent children were baptised in Sculcoates. In 1806 he appears as a 'cordwainer' in Hull in 1806. So far I have been unable to trace William's origins.

Historical occurrences of the name

The only Gunnee who warrants a

Name frequency

Gunnee is a relatively unusual name. There are around 70 living individuals in England and Wales, with a very small number abroad. There are around 450 entries in the name of Gunnee in the BMD records from 1837 to 2003. In addition there are 50 Gunnee entries which appear in the records under a variation of the name (eg. Gunnce / Gunnie / Gunnel).

Distribution of the name

The first occurrences for this name are in the East Riding of Yorkshire - Hull / Cottingham then moving out to Thorne, Sheffield and London. There are Gunnee descendants still living in these areas. Gunnees have moved abroad to Australia and there are also occurences of the name in Scotland and Mauritius.


I have complete birth, marriage and death registrations for the Gunnee name from 1837 to 2003. In addition I have comprehensive references from censuses 1861 to 1901.