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About the study

Like most I started by looking into my Family name, I then found there was an other family with the same name in the same village but non-conformistes so I started to look into them, then on finding most Gresswells come from Lincolnshire I decided I wanted to trace how they had spread within the county to do that I had to find them all, A One Name Study, which is no were near finished yet

I am lucky Family History in Lincolnshire is well catered for. The Archives in Lincoln have scaned all the Parish records they hold & they are free to view on their web site Also I am a member of Lincolnshire Family History Society & they have indexed births, marriages & deaths in the county, also Poor Law Records & many others all of which are avalible for all to  buy on their web site I use their 1700-1833 marriage indexes for the county

My Study is based in Lincolnshire & I do not record people born after 1911. I am willing to look for information at Lincoln Archives

I have NO Cresswells in my data

News Sept 2017

Gresswells of Kelsey Hall, Gt Steeping, Lincolnshire

A radically different Family Tree for these Gresswells in the 1700s. There is a recognised tree for this family said to come from a family bible but this tree does not fit with Wills of the family found in Lincoln Archives. A decendent of the family & I have been reseaching the family & come up with a new tree that does. If you are interested please get in touch

Variant names

The 2 main Variants are Gresswell & Greswell, although I have seen Greswel occationally & record it as such

Gresswell is the more common spelling used in Lincolnshire & my own family name so I have most Infromation about it at the moment (April 2017)

Name origin

The earliest orcurance of the name, I have found, is in 1384 in Norfolk a Matilda Greswell of Boketon land the document is held by Norfolk Records Office & catalogued by The National Archive Kew.( I have not seen it & do not intended to)

Greswell does appear to be the original form of the name

I know it is said that the name ogiginates as Cresswell or Creswell but I have my doubts about this with this early occurance of it. I would be interested to hear other peoples views about this

Name frequency

From the records avalible On in the years between 1530 & 1600 all the Greswells occur in Lincolnshire a total of 81 with only 1 other record in Droitwich Worcester & 10 in St Giles Cripplegate London

By 1841 census I have found  78 Gresswells recorded in the whole country with 81% living in Lincolnshire

and 14 Greswells 35 % living in Lincolnshire

By 1911 with the decline of Agriculture in Lincolnshire of the 423 Gresswells in the whole country only 21% in Lincolnshire

& the 93 Greswells 10% are living in the county




Distribution of the name

To this Day Gresswell seems to be the Lincolnshire spelling of the name & Greswell the spelling used in the rest of the country.


As the two varients are used interchangablly until farly recently i.e. 1851 cencus I have decided to record both name in one data base. Most of my data come from the parish records when these are avalible, several familes have been non-conformist which causes problems although I have used Land Tax & Will recordes to try to trace them.I also use Censuses