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About the study

The origin of the Greig surname is often attributed to being of the MacGregor clan.  Both MacGregor and Greig are considered to be associated with the name Gregory but not necessarily the same lines.  The Greig study deliberately any common variants such as, Grigg, Craig, Gregg, and more.  In its early stages, confirming that Greig lines are of the same origin is the goal.  As the study progresses, variants that are more than the occasional misspelling may emerge as being the same line, and over time, becoming accepted variants of the name. 

The study is a collaborative one from the outset: between myself, Peggy Chapman (#6722) and Cathy Greig (# ).  While registered under my name we share full ownership of the study.  Enquiries may be responded to by either of us.  Cathy and I are second cousins through the Greig line ( my mother's birth name is Greig) and Cathy's father is a Greig.  Both of us descended from John Greig and Margaret Bryce, who emigrated to Nova Scotia about 1853.  

Variant names

At this time, no variants are registered, while acknowledging that there are many possible variants, whether or not confirmed.  The Penguin Book of British Surnames, by John Titford (2009) includes Greig under its entry for Gregory and points out variants such as, Grigg, Grieg, Greer, Grier, while Scottish Surnames : A guide to the family names of Scotland by David Dorward (1995) aligns Gregg and Greig, along with ancient forms of the surname, such as, Grige, Grig.  As previously stated, in this phase of the study, no variants are included. 


Name origin

Sources identify the Greig surname as originating from Gregory, from the Latin gregorius or Greek gregorein, meaning "watchful".  A number of early saints and popes carried the name Gregory. In Scotland, the Gaelic version of Gregory is Griogair.