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About the study

The Gowen One-Name study is still in it's early stages.I am battling through the BMD's and Census records, concentrating mainly on the 19th century records. My aim at the moment is to concentrate on the name Gowen and to build as many family trees as possible. Hopefully, as I start to go back further I can join a few more families together.

Gowens' in various forms come mainly from Norfolk, London, Cornwall, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.

Variant names

I am collecting all "Gowen" names, but regional variations will include Gowin, Gowan and Gowing.

Eventually I will look in more detail at these names, already I am finding that spellings can vary, depending which side of the Country you live, due to regional accents.

Gowan is popular in Scotland (both Gowan and McGowan), as well as Ireland, so I hope to look into this - which came first, or are they different?

Name origin

No origin as of yet, though earliest records show the Norfolk area to first have Gowin. Need to look into thus area more closely.

Distribution of the name

The Gowen surname, during the 19th Century, was found in five main areas - Norfolk, London, Cornwall, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.


Anyone who can help fill in the gaps or have more knowledge on family lines, please feel free to contact me!