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About the study

I am Ian Gotts of St Albans, UK and I have set up a website for people interested in the name GOTTS. This can be accessed at: I have registered the name in the UK's Guild of One Name Studies, and I have indexed the civil Births Deaths and Marriages (from 1837), as well as the civil probate wills from 1860. I have many records of Gottses in the census and parish registers, especially around Norfolk, where the name originates. I currently have 3500 names identified in family trees. I am always pleased to hear from anyone about the name and will add any references you have to my databases for use by others.

Variant names

Variants include Gottes. The name GOTT is covered by a different one-name study, though is a common misspelling.

Name origin

The name GOTTS originates around the Wash, in East Anglia. It has been suggested that there are two origins: * a glutton - too easy to spot * someone living by a gutter or drain Given the location, the whole area was swamp, marsh, flooded, so anyone living there could easily be given this name. It may be a 'genitival name ie 'of Gotte' though no instances of this are known. There are records of a Richard Gottes in 1361, a bishop in one of the Norfolk churches, and Henry Gottes of Clippesby recorded in feudal Aids in 1362. During the 1800's people moved up the coast to settle in the main trading ports: Hull, Middlesborough, Tyneside. The main area is still Norfolk. Further migration took place to USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Historical occurrences of the name

Notable Gottses are shown on my website :

Name frequency

The name Gotts appears to be 1 in 50,000 of the UK population.


I have recently registered a DNA Project with Family TreeDNA which can be accessed at familytreeDNA Gotts project It is hoped this will clarify which families are connected, and whether the name names from a single source.