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About the study

The Gomery, Gumery and Gummery One-Name Study began with my research into the Williams family of Walford, Herefordshire, England. I discovered my great great grandfather, John Williams, married Elizabeth Gomery or Gumery, a surname I had not come across until that time. Considering the difficulty I had had researching a very common surname like Williams, I thought researching Gomery and Gumery would be a breeze !! Little did I know that 10 years later I would be spending most of my days in the pursuit of Gomery, Gumery, Gummery, Gummere, Gomori and Gomory family history and genealogy worldwide.

The Gomery, Gumery and Gummery One-Name Study was registered with the Guild in October 1998.

Variant names

The main variants I study are Gomery, Gomori, Gomory, Gumery, Gummere, and Gummery.

Only three of these variants seem to have survived into the 20th century in Britain:- Gomery, Gumery and Gummery. In addition, in the U.S.A. Gomori, Gomory and Gummere are extant.

Other variants I've found during the course of my study are Gomary, Gombery, Gomberry, Gombrey, Gombry, Gombury, Gomorey, Gomeroy, Gommery, Gomrey, Gomry, Goombery, Goombury, Gumary, Gumbary, Gumbery, Gumberry, Gumbrey, Gumbry, Gumbury, Gumerey, Gummary, Gumrey, Gumry, and there's probably others.

Name origin

To read Mourad Ghomari's very interesting page on the origin of these surnames please go to

Historical occurrences of the name

Some of the more interesting individuals I've discovered in this One-Name Study are, listed in alphabetical order :-

  • Charles Gomery (1875-1915) a Company Sergeant Major with the Kings Shropshire Light Infantry who died of wounds in France during World War 1.
  • Edme Gomery a French artist who worked for the Royal Factory of Sevres painting porcelain between 1756 and 1758.
  • John H. Gomery (1932- ) a High Court judge from Montreal, Canada who has become famous due to his involvement in what has become known as the Gomery Inquiry - an inquiry into alleged fraud that occurred during a sponsorship program.
  • John Henry Gomery (1910-1980) taken prisoner by the Japanese at the fall of Singapore, he was forced to work on the infamous Burma railway and in Thailand. Liberated after the war he returned home to continue his teaching career. Son of the above Charles Gomery.
  • Minnie Gomery (1875-1967) graduated in 1898 as a Doctor of Medicine in Canada, but found that being female seriously limited her clinical training as most of the hospitals were closed to her. She became a medical missionary working mainly in Kashmir.
  • Robert Gomery (c1778-1853) an actor and singer in early19th century London.
  • Robert (Mont)Gomery (1807-1855) son of the above Robert, who became a Reverend and Poetaster.
  • Walter Edward Gomery (1924-1942) who died when HMS Edinburgh, laden with Russian gold, was attacked by a German U-boat in the Barents Sea during World War 2.
  • Walter Frederick Gomery (1896-1916) an Able Seaman with the Nelson Battalion of the Royal Naval Division, died of wounds received while holding the line between Lens and Vimy Ridge in France during World War One.
  • George Gomori (1904-1957) educated in medicine in Budapest, Hungary and in Palo Alto, California. He came to the USA from his native Hungary in 1938, and founded The Histochemical Society in the 1950s. He developed the Gomori stain and other techniques used in histochemistry and pathology.
  • Adolphe Ernest Gumery (1861-1943) a Parisian artist.
  • Charles Alphonse Achille Gumery (1827-1871) a Parisian sculptor whose statues stand on top of the old Opera de Paris. Father of the artist Adolphe Ernest Gumery.
  • George Gumery (1887-1912) a mess steward who went down with the Titanic.
  • Mary Gumery (1822-1887) probable owner of a rosewood box with inscription 'Mary Gummry Her Box Oct 11 1840' which turned up in the Herefordshire/Worcestershire border area.
  • John Gummere (1784-1845) a prominent Quaker educator and mathematician, he wrote several textbooks including his 'Treatise on Surveying' 1814 (became the standard surveying textbook for students and professionals until the civil war, and remained in print until 1917), and 'Elementary Treatise on Astronomy' 1822. In 1833, together with his brother, Samuel Rene Gummere, his son Samuel James Gummere, and Dr. John Griscom, John founded Haverford College in Haverford, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Samuel James Gummere (1811-1874) who, together with his father, John Gummere, and Dr. John Griscom, founded Haverford College in Haverford, Pennsylvania, USA in 1833. In 1862 he became professor of mathematics, physics and astronomy at Haverford, and two years later became president of the college.
  • Samuel R. Gummere (1849-1920) a lawyer who travelled extensively through Europe in the early 1880s and in 1898 became Consul-General for Morocco. Was described as a 'diplomat of polish and ability, and a brilliant conversationalist and raconteur.'
  • Albert Harry Gummery (1871-1947) a photographer and veteran of the Boer War who was a keen shooter for the Martley Air Rifle Club in Worcestershire, England. Son of the British Victorian artist Henry Gummery.
  • Edward, Elizabeth and Ann Gummery a young family who were horrifically murdered in their beds in Berrow, Worcestershire in 1780.
  • Edward James Gummery (1888-1917) served with the 'Grimsby Chums' during World War 1 and was killed in action in Roeux, France.
  • Ezekiel Gummery (1804-1887) publican at the Cock in Tybridge Street, Worcester, Worcestershire, England from the late 1830s until about 1864.
  • Ezekiel Gummery (1882-1915) killed in action at Gallipoli during World War 1.
  • Henry Gummery (1832-1912) a 19th century artist based in Worcester, Worcestershire, England. He exhibited at London's Suffolk Street Galleries between 1862 and 1879, and was best known for his still life paintings of fruit and flowers.
  • Stanley David Gummery (1915-1941) a Sergeant with the Royal Air Force Reserve who did not return from naval escort duty off the northern Norwegian coast during World War 2.

Distribution of the name

To read about the distribution of the Gomery, Gumery and Gummery surnames in England at the time of the 1881 census go to


I have amassed a very large amount of information on my One-Name Study surnames internationally. I love to exchange information, with both parties benefiting, so if there is anything you would like to know please contact me, or alternatively, if you have any information I would be interested in, I'd be very happy to receive it.