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About the study

My father died in 1974, only a few years after my grandfather who died in 1969. I realised that I knew very little about the Golder family except that my grandfather had been born in Kent. In 1979 I started to trace details of my family and found it easier to note all Golder references to avoid too many journeys to St Catherines House. I eventually traced my family line to the village of Stoke Lyne in Oxfordshire. I joined the Guild of One-Name Studies in 1986.

This webpage for the profile is being developed and will be updated in due course.

Variant names

Golder & Goulder are inextricably linked and I have come across examples where the same person is recorded at different times under both spellings.

Name origin

According to "€œA Dictionary of Surnames"€ by Patrick Hanks and Flavia Hodge, three derivations of the name are given;

  1.  English from the Old English personal name GOLDHERE composed of the elements GOLD (gold), HERE (army).
  2. English habitation name from a place in Oxfordshire so called from Old English GOLDE (marigold). A derivation of GOLD and ORA (slope) - a place where the marigolds grow.
  3.  Jewish - A variation of GOLD.

My research has only identified a small number of Golder immigrants from Eastern Europe in the late 1800's where it is possible that there could be Jewish connection and it is a possible origin of their name as per the above publication by Hanks & Hodge . The majority of Golder & Goulder families in England, Wales and Scotland are clearly long established in those countries and do not appear to have a jewish connection.

Historical occurrences of the name

An early reference is the Will of Robert Golder, Player of Thorgans within the Queens Majesty’s Free Chapel within her castle of Windsor in the County of Berkshire in January 1566.

Name frequency

The database of Golder & Goulder Births, Marriages & Deaths from 1837 - 2004 for England and Wales contains over 10,000 entries.

Distribution of the name

The population of England, Wales and Scotland in the 1881 census was 30,292,388. There were 833 Golder entries, 422 Goulder and 6 Golders & Goulders. The main area€™s ( showing counties with more than 50 people of the respective surnames) are as follows;

Golder - Oxfordshire 149, Kent 129, Norfolk 89, Lanarkshire 85, Surrey 59, Middlesex 51.
Goulder - Nottinghamshire 103, Norfolk 78, Yorkshire 58.

The largest concentration when taking into account the total populations of the respective counties, is the Golder surname in Oxfordshire. It is centred on the area of Bicester and the surrounding villages.


I have indexed all the Golder and Goulder Births, Marriages and Deaths from 1837 to 2004 and the census returns from England and Wales 1841 to 1911. I have details of all Golder and Goulder references from the IGI and details from various parishes and overseas records. I have indexed Golder and Goulder references in the Probate Registry lists from 1858 to 1997 for England and Wales.