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About the study

Gleadall, Gleadell, Gleadhall One-Name Study

The family name of Gleadall appears to mostly be found in Yorkshire, England. On a visit to Sheffield in the 1970s I was amazed to see a signpost to Gleadless Manor and that spiked my interest in the unusual name.

Variant names

The registered variants of the name are Gleadall, Gleadell and Gleadhall but there are many ways of spelling. The Oxford Dictionary of English Surnames lists seven variants. 

Name origin

The earliest mention of the name appears in the Court Rolls of the Manor of Wakefield, Yorkshire - Adam de Gledehyll in 1277. By the 1600s the name still only appears West Yorkshire. 

Gleadall is an English Locational Name; Settlement Ending; All

Gleadell is an English Locational Name; Settlement Ending; Dell

Historical occurrences of the name

After the mention of Adam de Gledehyll (1277) we find Robert Gledall, Gledhell and Gleydell (1571-1603) in the parish registers of Rothwell, Yorkshire as well as Launcelot Gleadell, Gleadall (1600-1610). 

Name frequency

The 1881 census of Great Britain lists only 168 occurrences of Gleadall (Gleadell, 56) with a slight majority in the Doncaster area over the Sheffield area. By 1998 the occurrences had only increased to 258 (Gleadell,142) having spread with the majority now in Huddersfield followed by Sheffield, Doncaster, Lincoln and Chester. Currently world-wide the most Gleadall surnames occur in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. 



It would be interesting for male Gleadalls to participate in a Y-DNA study to establish if we all originate from one family. For further details please contact me as the Guild offers members great pricing for studies. 

Haplogroup  R1b1b2g   R-U106

Oxford equivalent  M343

Haplogroup R-U106 is the descendant of the major R-P25 (aka R-M343) lineage and is found from Eastern Europe to its highest frequency in Central Europe and the British Isles.