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About the study

7 Jan 2013 I commenced my GLASS One-Name Study in 2013 after many years of researching relatives with this name mainly in North Northumberland from the late 1700's. My earliest known male GLASS ancestor is Robert GLASS who married Anne Cummin at Carham Northumberland in 1767.Over the years I have collected numerous GLASS references which will form the starting point of my study. I plan to start with collection and analysis of data from Northumberland before going on to the rest of UK and World.

Variant names

Currently the only variant I have registered is GLAS.

Name origin

GLASS originates in Bute, Scotland and means 'grey' (Gaelic 'glais'), probably as a nickname for 'grey-haired'. The name also has Jewish origins. Some sources attribute the meaning of 'glazier'.

Historical occurrences of the name


Name frequency

Public Profiler website states the current UK Frequency as 105.12 per million and Rank Order as 1410. Globally the USA has the highest Frequency of 179.6.

British Surnames website states it as 97 per million and Rank Order as 1608.

The total number of living persons with the surname in 1881 in UK was 3099 and in 1998 3782.

There are numerous alternative methods of calculating Frequency and Rank Order and these will be explored during initial stages of the study.

Distribution of the name

Public Profiler records this as high in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Within the UK it is high in Northern Ireland and moderately high in Scotland, South-West and North-East England.

British Surnames states Kinross-shire has the highest index of 43.18 of all UK counties. Northumberland's index is 2.56. However, numbers are small and not necessarily meaningful.


As I am just commencing this study my data is limited to approximately 200 references to GLASS mainly in North Northumberland, most of which belong to my own ancestry. I expect this to grow rapidly during 2013.