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About the study

I am developing a One Name Study into the Glackin Family and would be grateful for any assistance.

I started by compiling a database of all Glackins born, married or died in my native Scotland since records began in 1855. This database includes the most common variants and misspellings of the name that I have come across.

My objective is to ensure that I have accounted for every Glackin/Glacken family tree.  In the course of my contacts with fellow Glackin/Glacken descendents, I have helped people around the world learn more about their Glackin/Glacken ancestry, although as you can appreciate it is very much a “work in progress”

I provide family tree information from my research at no charge, and keep confidential any information you share about living members of your family tree.  I very much hope I will hear from you, so I can identify your family tree and share information with you regarding your family tree from my extensive research. All I need to get started is any information you may know about your Glackin/Glacken ancestors.

Variant names

Glacken, Glakin, Glakon, McGlackin, McGlacken and any number of others, as those with the Glackin name will know only too well!

Name origin

The name has its origin in County Donegal, Ireland and is Anglicized from the original Gaelic name O'Glachain

Name frequency

In the 1818 UK Census there were only 271  people with the name Glackin or Glacken and variants probably as a result of misunderstandings between the occupier and the census enumerator. 221 in England, 46 in Scotland and 4 in Wales.

Distribution of the name

The Glackin name, whilst originating in Co Donegal has spread far and wide. Pushed out of Ireland by poverty and in some cases starvation, many moved to Scotland during the early Industrial Revolution and settled in the major industrial towns that surrounded Glasgow while others went to English industrial cities. Before during and after the Great Famine many Glackins emigrated to the USA, where they can be found in great numbers today.


The data I have at the moment consists of a list of all statutory (or Vital) records in Scotland and some of the records in Ireland.


I have started a Glackin Family DNA Project in an attempt to discover if we all have a common ancestor, which given the relatively small numbers of Glackins in the world today is very likely, but how distant or recent that ancestor was can only be predicted by DNA sampling. I would love to get as many Glackins tested as possible, however, only men are suitable for this test. That is because the Y chromosome is passed from father to son down the generations, with very few changes and the beauty is that the surname is also passed from father to son, hopefully with an equally small number of changes. But women can also contribute by getting a male Glackin relative to take the test.

If you would like to look at this further follow this link to Family Tree DNA website where the project is based.

Help with the cost of testing is also available - just drop me a line using contact details below