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About the study

GILBOURNE is a relatively uncommon name, based in the U.K. on the East Midlands in the 19th and 20th Centuries, but in earlier times based in Kent and Yorkshire. From Yorkshire, they also spread to Ireland. The name is now found in U.K., Ireland, Jamaica, Australia, U.S.A and Canada

Variant names

My own family history includes the GILBOURNE tree but is extended in this study to include GILBORN, GILBORNE, GILBURN and GILLBORN. Possible other variants of the name that are not included in the study include KILBURN, KILBOURNE, GILLIBURN , GELLIBURN etc., although one instance of a GILBURN line in England descends from GILLIBURN ancestors.

Name origin

The origin of the name is uncertain, and may derive from more than one source. There is a village of GILBORNE in Lancashire, and it is possibly a variant of KILBURN, the name of villages in London, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire.

Historical occurrences of the name

There are no truly famous members of this study. Some Two notable members were Sir Nicholas GILBOURNE of Charing, Kent who died in 1638. His brother Sir Edward died in 1681 and is buried in Shoreham, Kent.
Well know and still living:
Probably the most famous GILBORN is actor and former professor of humanities at M.I.T. Steve, who died in 2009. However, his immigrant father adopted the name in 1944 and as most of the family are still living, the tree is not published here. See his Wikipedia entry for more information.
Well known in Australia are footballer Don GILBOURNE and cricketer Robert GILBOURNE. Again, as they are still living, details of their tree are not published.
David GILBOURNE , formerly Professor of Qualitative Research in Sport at UWIC, Cardiff, is now Professor at the Hull York Medical School. He should not be confused with:
David GILLBORN, Professor of Critical Race Studies in Education at Institute of Education, University of London


See my web site for details of the various trees constructed.