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About the study

Retiring in 2007 I took up the undemanding & inexpensive hobby of Family History research!

I knew my mother had been adopted but it was a shock to find she was the illegitimate daughter of a German girl called GIEBLER - she was still my mother.  I have done a little work to trace her back but have concentrated more on the paternal side.  Why?  All those I have know as aunts, uncles etc. are NOT actually related to me other than by time and feelings.  It has also proved extremely difficult, though quite understandable, to get them to reveal any information and her adoption was before any regulations were set in place.  The last of them has now died.

Now approaching a new decade of my life I have decided to combine my research with a one-name study.  I have no idea how far I will get but it should keep my mind active and out from under my wife's feet!

Variant names

At the moment just the most obvious one which is GEIBLER.

Name frequency

The following data is from the index provided by the Church of Latter Day Saints:-

1881 Census - 23 records

1891 Census - 46 records

1901 Census - 69 records

1911 Census - 86 records

This gives a frequency for the name which is best described as "vanishingly small."

Overall their site records 76596 records.

Distribution of the name

In simple terms, the largest concentration, as one would expect, is in Germany and central Europe.  There are also concentrations in the USA and Australia.  Next level down are the UK, Canada, Brazil, France and Mozambique.