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About the study

Fowler being ranked high in surname frequency is a stiff challenge.

Great Britain: I am still at the data collecting stage, building up family units and birth and marriage lists by county. So far Scotland and Southern English counties are almost completed. Midlands, Wales and the North to follow, leaving the London counties till last, then a website. For progress so far see link below in Distribution.

I will make time to answer any queries.

Any volunteers to start on USA would be most welcome !!! Perhaps you would like to start with your ancestor's home State - see Distribution section for a rough idea of the numbers involved. Then perhaps we could form a Fowler One-Name society.

Variant names

Fowlie is a common variant in Scotland.

A Public Tree exists on Ancestry as a public service project, 2500+ records attached.

I am happy to relinquish the management of this to a true Fowlie enthusiast.

Fowles is the most common alternative variant in England & Wales.

Name origin

I am sure that everyone knows that the name Fowler originated from the old English village bird catcher.

Name frequency


Distribution of the name

- Great Britain

Below is a link to a schedule for GB showing work completed so far: GB so far

The Grey figures are basic target numbers from, which is of course riddled with Errors & Omissions.

The Blue counties are completed up to the 1901 census level, showing what the grey figures actually generate when adding Birth, Marriage & Death records.

- United States

Below is a link to figures obtained from for Fowler born in each State by census years. USA by State

Anyone wishing to volunteer to work on a State will be welcomed with full support & suggestions - Give it a go !!!