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About the study

At present the main thrust of our project is the Foad Surname DNA Project. However, my co-administrator in this project, who unfortunately is not a member of the Guild, has compiled an extensive genealogical database of FOADs in Great Britain and elsewhere which could constitute a very good non-DNA ONS. The FOAD Surname DNA Project was begun in March, 2008.

Variant names


Distribution of the name

In the 1881 census of England and Wales, almost all the FOADs in the country lived in the eastern half of Kent County, lending weight to the Single Founder Hypothesis. A similar distribution for the FOAT surname reinforces the idea that they might share a common origin.


At present, the Foad Surname DNA Project is the main thrust of this one name study. We have tested the Y-DNA of 8 male FOAD and found that 6 of them match each other fairly closely on 67 STR markers. The genealogy of a 7th participant indicated that he was related to several of the other members, while the DNA test proved otherwise (possibly due to the occurrence of an NPE or misattributed paternity). We interpret these results as tending to confirm (though not proving) our Single Founder Hypothesis. The six matching participants all belong to Haplogroup I1a2a1a, a newly proposed subgroup which is positive for polymorphisms M253, Z58, Z59, Z60, and Z140. In additional, several of our members have already tested positive for F2642 which is apparently downstream from Z140, though not yet officially recognized by ISOGG. This project is still small and all of our 'conclusions' are tentative. We have also tested one FOAT participant who, so far, does not match any of the FOADs. Obviously, we need to test more FOADs and FOATs.