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About the study

My Mother was a Flecknoe. It was an unusual name and the romantic story of a Grandfather going to South Africa to make his fortune, encouraged me to start my family history with this name in 2001. I received great help in this from other Flecknoes here and in the USA, who had already gathered a lot of information back to the beginning of registration. Recently I considered that it would be interesting to tie together all the relatively few worldwide Flecknoes into a single family. This idea became a registered study in 2010.

Variant names

The variants are Flecknow, Flecknor, Fleckner, Fleckney and Flecknell

Name origin

The origin of the name Flecknoe is widely accepted as the village of Flecknoe in West Warwickshire and the distribution of early names in that area and the adjacent North Northamptonshire appears to support that view. There is also a view that Fleckney originates at the Leicestershire village of that name. However the distribution of names does not seem to support that. The study will aim to show whether the two names are separate origins or not. What is clear is that the names and the other variants do share a close geographical relationship to one another. The two villages names both derive from the Norse-Viking era. Flecha is Old English for Hurdle

Historical occurrences of the name

The earliest well known character is Richard Flecknoe (1600-1678) an English Poet and Dramatist who was the subject of a satirical poem by John Dryden called Mac Flecknoe.

Name frequency

The total of the name and the five variants was only 229 in the England & Wales 1881 census representing 10 persons per million of the population. Despite the small numbers the total has tripled from 150 in 1841 census to 444 in 1911. The numbers in other countries are as yet unknown

Distribution of the name

In England the predominate Counties for each name are

Flecknoe Notts

Flecknor Northants

Fleckner Warwicks, Northants and Oxon

Fleckney Beds and London

Flecknell Beds


At the commencement data held for England includes lists from the GRO and Census records and many BMD entries from parish records and the IGI. A fair proportion of these are reconstructed in trees. Some data has been collected for the USA and Australia