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About the study

Have been an avid collector of FLAVELL and variants information since about 1980. I hold numerous post 1538 baptism / marriage /burial records as well as records on our United States - Canadia - Australian - and New Zealand cousins, but find myself increasinly drawn to the c 1100 to 1538 period.

Variant names

Variants and other spellings include FLAVILL - FLAMILL - FAVILL - FLAMVILL - FLAVELLE - FLAVEL

Many of the FAVELL name found in North Yorkshire, Northants., Huntingdon, + Beds.

Some of those with the FLAVELLE spelling found in Northern Ireland and Canada.

Name origin

'Those of the name Flavell derive their pedigree from one who was the third great officer that came over (c 1066) with William the Conqueror',

so it is said, wrote John Flavel the Bromsgrove (1630) born non conformist preacher in the 17th century.

Historical occurrences of the name

By the year 1100 Robert de Flamville, a Norman nobleman, had the lordship of Aston, later Aston Flamville.

Late 1200's John Flavel was Constable of Devizes Castle.

Year 1342 Alexander de Flavel, rector of St. Peter's Church, Flyford Flavell, Worcestershire.

1493 Thomas Flavell, merchant, granted Freedom of the City of York.

1550's Flavell families in Yardley.

1650's Manoral bailiff Richard FLAVELL, had a man's ears cropped for having cropped the 'wash oak' at Comley, Cardington, Shrops.

1713 Rebecca FLAVEL, widow of Capt. John FLAVEL, mariner, Charleston, South Carolina, North America.

1722 Jane FLAVELL and family of St.Mary Magdolen, Bermondsey, London;a Removal Order to Stok ----, Warwickshire.

1741 Removal Order on Abraham FLAVELL, from W.Bagborough to Stogumber, Somerset.

Name frequency

Richard Flavel, nonconformist minister and wife,died in 1665 of plague after being released from Newgate Prison. Their son John Flavell, born Bromsgrove 1630, as a nonconformist preacher at Dartmouth he objected to the Act of Uniformity and was 'outlawed' from the Church.

Richard Flavell sentenced to death, then reprieved and transported to the American colonies for life in 1683, after in Warwick market place, being whipped until his body was bloody.

Will. Favell age 52 of Renhold, Bedfordshire, sentenced to death for stealing two horses ,then transported in 1829 .

Eliza Flavell formerly BISHOP was in 1881 sent to Warwick Jail for stealing chickens.

Distribution of the name

Those of the Flavell name and its variants were spread around Staffs. - Worcester - Warwick - Leicester - Northants - Cambs during the 17th / 18th C and with pockets in Craven,North Yorks., and N.Ireland.

John FLAVELL convicted of larceny, ordered to be whipped on the next 3 market days at Warwick year 1723. From copy of goal delivery held before Jefferey GILBERT.

Thomas Flavell and son arrived New Plymouth, North America, in year 1621, on the 'Fortune' following the 'Mayflower' by a couple of months.


Many Parish Records post 1538.

Civil Records post 1837.

Some Census Records 1841 - 1901.

Some Manoral Records - Close Rolls - Quarter Sessions - Assize records some passenger lists, etc.