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About the study

Welcome! This page is dedicated to the study of my Festa surname, a study that started several years ago and continues today.

Name origin

My Festa surname traces its roots back to Naples, Italy in the late 1800's but before that can be found in Avellino, Italy around 1850 back to the late 1500's. Through my research I have found many occurrences of the Festa surname appearing throughout Naples and the entire region of Campania in Southern Italy. In Italian, Festa means 'festival' or 'party.'

Distribution of the name

Through my general research I have found the Festa surname throughout the world. Although it remains to be seen whether or not some (or many) of these occurrences are any relation, I have seen the surname appear throughout Southern Italy, the United States including New Jersey, New York, and Texas, and just recently have discovered occurrences in the United Kingdom.


Data that supports my relationship to my previous generations sharing the surname includes U.S. birth and marriage records, Italian Civil Records in Naples and Avellino, and church records kept at the Avellino Diocesan Archives. My lineage, researched to the late 1590's, does not show a break or variation of the surname - it's been Festa for the last 400 years!