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About the study

When I started researching the ancestry of my maternal gt grandmother Jane FARMERY (born in Swallow, near Grimsby, in 1863) in 1976 I noted all instances of the surname I came across as it seemed quite unusual - and soon a one-name study was born! The FARMERY surname appears predominantly in north west Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and south Yorkshire to the west of the River Trent, the East Riding of Yorkshire around Hull/Beverley and North Yorkshire, in two clusters centred on Sutton on the Forest/Easingwold and Bedale. My main area of interest is Lincolnshire and, although I have been unable to link together all the Lincolnshire families, they are coming together in a handful of small groupings. A newsletter 'Farmery Families' is (ir)regularly produced and an annual gathering held in Lincoln on the last Saturday of September. My Farmery blog is updated more frequently!

Variant names

In older documents FARMERY can also appear spelt as FARMARY, FARMERIE FARMARIE, FARMEREY. Some families in the Rawmarsh / Rotherham area appear interchangeably as FARMERY or FARMER. There is a large York family with the surname FARMEARY who a few generations earlier were FARMERY.
Todd FARMERIE in Colorado has a study of the Pittsburgh FARMERIE family which originated in Alsace on the French / German border.

Name origin

FARMERY - 'Worker in or dweller near the infirmary'. The infirmary was historically part of the monastery. The cloister of the infirmary at Westminster Abbey, now called the Little Cloister, is shown on early layout plans as the 'Farmery Cloister'.

Historical occurrences of the name

Notable people include:

  • Dr John FARMERY chancellor of the diocese of Lincoln in the time of Queen Elizabeth I
  • The FARMERY vicars of north west Lincolnshire (Northorpe, Springthorpe, Blyton, Heapham etc).
  • Horstine FARMERY founded a firm of agricultural machinery suppliers.

Books have been written by Christine FARMERY (School Science), J Peter FARMERY (Police Gallantry) and Colin FARMERY (Portsmouth FC).

Name frequency

  • 2927 Farmery births (1837-2006) with 153 copy birth certificates
  • 1375 non-Farmery births (1911-2005) where the mother's maiden name is Farmery
  • 2160 marriages (1837-2005) with 103 copy marriage certificates
  • 2165 deaths (1837-2006) with 112 copy death certificates
  • 421 individuals in the 1841 England and Wales census
  • 447 individuals in the 1851 England and Wales census
  • 490 individuals in the 1861 England and Wales census
  • 554 individuals in the 1871 England and Wales census
  • 560 individuals in the 1881 England and Wales census
  • 698 individuals in the 1891 England and Wales census
  • 777 individuals in the 1901 England and Wales census
  • 906 individuals in the 1911 England and Wales census
  • 718 individuals on the 2001 electoral roll
  • 268 households in the 2003/4 telephone directories

Distribution of the name

  • 1881 England and Wales census - 261 households, 107 in Lincolnshire, 102 in Yorkshire, 12 in Lancashire
  • 1901 England and Wales census - 341 households, 111 in Lincolnshire, 157 in Yorkshire, 24 in Lancashire
  • 1911 England and Wales census - 337 households, 98 in Lincolnshire, 161 in Yorkshire, 29 in Lancashire


  • database containing over 51,690 FARMERY name events
  • national registration BMD 1837-2006
  • England and Wales census 1841-1911 (with transcripts and copies of all FARMERY households)
  • England and Wales wills 1858-2003
  • details from many Lincolnshire parish registers
  • England and Wales IGI
  • UK telephone directories 1997 and 2003/4
  • UK electoral roll 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

online BMD archive.


The Farmery Y Chromosome DNA study has been launched

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You can read my Farmery blog here.