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About the study


I've been interested in genealogy since 2004. As the Etherton surname was reasonably uncommon, I had spent most of my time researching this line. During that time I had accumulated quite a mish-mash of data regarding the name. Unfortunately, after progressing five generations I came up against my own brick-wall. I then came across the one-name study organisation. I thought it might be a good idea to begin a one-name study project for the Etherton surname. This would enable me to put some use to the data I had already accumulated, as well as allowing me to indulge myself in my new found hobby. Ultimately I am hoping that it might also lead to the missing link which will enable me to overcome my own brick wall. But that's a long way down the line at this moment !

Aims of Study

In no particular order of importance these are what I consider some of the fundamental aims I would like to achieve during this study. Some would be classed as short and some as long term.

  •  Fully transcribe the Births/Marriages/Deaths for Ethertons in England/Wales from 1837-present day
  •  Fully transcribe census information for Ethertons in England/Wales for years 1871,1881,1891 and 1901.
  •  Fully transcribe census information for Ethertons in U.S.A for years 1860,1870,1880,1890, 1900, 1910,1920 and 1930.
  •  Fully transcribe electoral roll for Ethertons in England / Wales for 2003.
  •  From the information collated, chart how the Ethertons have migrated and try to identify original Etherton families. Ulitimately I would like to incorporate this into a full DNA study of the Etherton name.

Variant names


Name origin

According to the  Burkes Peerage Book of Ethertons  the Etherton surname is classed as a 'locational' surname due to the last three letters 'ton' ,which are an abbreviation for town. It is associated with 'one who came from Atherton, (spring farm).' Atherton is a small town in Lancashire, England. As there does not appear to be a very high concentration of Ethertons in this part of England, I am somewhat sceptical about there definition. As the most concentrated occurence of Etherton's seems to be around the counties of Sussex, Kent and Essex I believe there must be a connection with a similar sounding place name around these areas. I have come across a reference to Etherton castle, and also to Etherton Hall, which is situated in Kent. These seem more likely beginnings for the Etherton name.

Historical occurrences of the name


Name frequency

There are approximately 3000 Etherton's worldwide.

Distribution of the name

The Etherton's are distributed across the world in the following numbers.

  • USA - 2,033
  • UK - 715
  • Australia - 176
  • Canada - 33
  • South Africa - 20
  • Ireland - 10
  • New Zealand - 9
  • France - 8 Netherlands - 5
  • Germany - 3