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About the study

Variant names

The variants include; Eniffer, Enifer, Ennifer, Enefer, Enepher, Enever, Ennever, Eniver, Inifer, Inepher, Innevere. Ennyvere, Henefer, Henifer etc.

Name origin

The surname with its many variations appears for the first time in Essex and Kent in the mid 1500's. There are various theories about the origin. One theory is that it is derived from Guinevere and has a west country root. Another is that it stems from the Dutch or Flemish 'Genever', where the G is softened and lost with later pronunciation. At this point, neither theory can be substantiated.

Historical occurrences of the name

Famous holders of the name; The author and scriptwriter for Coronation Street and The Avengers, Douglas Enefer 1906-1987. William Joseph Ennever, Founder of the Pelman Institute and a very popular form of improved memory technique. David Enever was the captain of the Greenpeace campaign vessel, Rainbow Warrior II, when it was boarded by French Commandos in 1995.

Distribution of the name

There are 436 entries for most common variations in England, Scotland & Wales in 1881. The main concentration being in Essex with other branches in Kent, Suffolk and Norfolk.


I hold all England & Wales BMD's, some family group trees and various other sources collected over 30 years and I am more than happy to search through for connections. Patricia Hill and Barry Ennever have however, carried out more hard work and extensive research in recent times. My research has therefore been overtaken and improved on. With their permission, I have listed the links to their websites below.