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About the study

The purpose of my study is:

- to provide a resource for those interested in the family name, and

- to find if families of the same surname are related.

In addition to traditional genealogical research, an important way of achieving this is by means of a DNA test for which further details are available through > under the family name Emblin - see link below.

Variant names

My registration with the Guild is for 'Emblyn, Embling, Emblyn, Emblem, Emblen and Emblin' but there are, of course, many other variants including Embley, Emlyn and - as they start with a vowel - with the addition of 'H' to all of them, as in the case of Hemblin and Hamblyn.

I am convinced that, in old records, the spelling of the name is immaterial. Many cases exist of children (within the same family) having being registered with a different spelling for their family name and their parents have two or even three variations of a surname.

Name origin

My files contain a number of different, but similar, versions.

One of the earliest records, from 'A Dictionary of British Surnames', lists Anshitil filius Ameline in the Domesday Book for Dorset, in 1066 and there are many other pointers to the origin of the name in Europe.

We know also that there is a town called Emblem, in Norway, whose descendants still bear that name today. More evidence of a Viking origin is the village of Gembling in East Yorkshire, close to the site of early Viking invasions.

Historical occurrences of the name

Families bearing this name lived in different counties of England and Wales and, from as early as the 1600s, there is clear evidence of their immigration to North America and Australasia.

Name frequency

The British 1881 census enumerated 574 Emblin and main variants. Given such a small numerical base, and a typical population growth, the name would have been quite rare before the 1500s.

Distribution of the name

Early British census records show clusters in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Yorkshire, Norfolk and the counties of what is now London. There are Emblems in Norway.


My data-base contains more than 4,000 Emblins and their relatives, from a variety of sources.

I am most grateful for the on-going and excellent co-operation I receive from a number of correspondents worldwide.


My project is listed with FamilyTree MakerDNA, , under the family name Emblin. I recommend that collaborators elect 37 markers.