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About the study

My study was founded in 2002, following from my collection of as many references as I could find to any John, Robert, Mary, Susan(nah) or Eliza(beth) EIGHTEENs, in an attempt to find out the parentage of my five-times great Grandfather Robert EIGHTEEN (c.1777-1843) and to untangle some of the branches of his family. I'm still no nearer as the records do not appear to give these details. But hey ho :)

Variant names

No variants have been registered, but some EIGHTEENs have variously been described as AITON, AYTON, AYTEEN, EATON, ETEEN, EATEEN, EIGHTEN or EYTON. This is not an exhaustive lists of the mis-translations and diversions of the name, and for some, EATON, ETEEN, AYTON and EATEEN have become the surnames used by some descendents of EIGHTEENs, but research is still continuing on this.

Name origin

Most EIGHTEENs originate from East Anglia, principally Hadleigh, Suffolk, where the name first appears in 1667 - the marriage of Jane EIGHTEEN(E) to John DOOMESDAY. Its origin and meaning are still being researched, although for Norfolk, the 'brief' appearance of the surname EIGHTEEN in the Attleborough area around the early 19th century seems to be attributable to a change of vicar and the new incumbent's translation of the East Anglian accent for the surname AYTON.


I am in the process of adding records to the Guild's Electronic Archive I registered for my EIGHTEEN study. Information currently held on archive:

GRO Births (Sep 1837 - Dec 1999) - this data set is for England and Wales only

Please remember this research represents considerable work by me (nearly a decade-worth). Whilst the archive is open to the public for searching, I would be grateful if you acknowledge my help in any published family history (where appropriate).