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About the study

The Edenborough One Name Study came about following more than 20 years of genealogical research into the Edenborough family of (but not wholly restricted to) Leicestershire & London and its resultant accumulation of material.

Variant names

Among the more common variants for Edenborough are Edenbor(r)owe, Edenbor(r)ow, Edenbor(r)o, Edinborough, Edinbo(r)ro, Edinburgh, Edenbrow, Edinbro, Edinbury, Edenbrough, Eddenborrough, Edenburrow, Edenbarrow, Edborough, Edingborough, Adenborough.

Name origin

The jury is still out on the origin of the surname. Sadly, most surname dictionaries have just aimed their research at the earliest known occurrence of the surname in England, even suggesting it may originate from the Scottish metropolis, Edinburgh. While I accept that the name is locational, I feel the origin is more likely to have evolved from something akin to the combination of "€œEden"€ (a delighted region or abode) and "€œborough"€ (the manorial residence known by country folk in many parts of England), or from a derivation of the town of Attenborough in Nottingham.

Distribution of the name

Historical distribution of the surname has been almost wholly found around the shires of Leicester, Nottingham and Lincoln.


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