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About the study

EDEN is my maiden name. After hitting a brick wall with my own family line, I started to record other EDEN'S living in close proximity. Gradually this grew and before I knew it I'd started a one-name study.

Variant names

Variants include Edon, Edin, Edun, Edens, Eaden, Eaton, Edden, Eddin, Eddun, Eddon, Iddon and Eyden, some of which are surnames in their own right.

Name origin

In the UK, most likely a habitational name stemming from the proximity to Castle Eden in County Durham and River Eden which forms the boundary between counties Cumbria and Yorkshire.

Name frequency

According to the British Surnames site there are approximately 7,083 people named EDEN in the UK. That makes it the 1,515th most common surname overall. Out of every million people in the UK, approximately 112 are named EDEN.

Other figures are:

United States: Total = 7062, Rank = 4,597th, People per million  = 26

Australia: Total = 754, Rank = 2,157th, People per million = 46


Distribution of the name

In the UK, based on figures taken from the 1881 census, the name EDEN is most commonly found across the northern counties of Lancashire, Yorkshire and Durham, with other hot spots in London and Warwickshire.

In Australia, according to totals taken from births, deaths and marriages, the surname is most common in the state of New South Wales, with the least amount being recorded in the largest state of Western Australia.